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Tommy arriving in Sweden

Del 2 av 2 i serien Tommy's Adventures

So, as we headed north, I was working in the galley. My job was very easy, and I soon realized that Cook actually did not need an assistant at all. He just needed someone to fuck. Hin was also very happy fucking me every day after Cook’s evening visit. Then one evening when he lay by my side panting after cumming deep inside me, he again asked me about what it was like getting fucked.

- You really enjoy this and I have seen you cum without touching your cock when we are banging you. How is that? Girls have some g-spot in their cunt, but I didn’t know that boys have something like that up their ass.

- You have a prostate down there, and something hits it, preferably a cock, the feeling is incredible. Turn around, I show you.

- You are not fucking me with that thing…

- No, no. Just a finger.

I put him in position on all fours across the bed and his beautiful ass was just in front of my cock and I really had to stop me from entering him then and there. I took some of the cum running down my legs, making my index finger slippery, before starting to press it into his virgin ass.

- How does it feel?

- Strange, but sort of nice. AAAH! What was that!?

- That was my finger hitting your prostate. Do you want some more?

- Yes, yes, please! This is amazing!

- Let’s get another finger in there. Just a sec…

I got the Vaseline jar and lubricated his entrance properly. I then entered two fingers and started moving them back and forth, making sure that I hit the prostate every time. Then I added a third finger and he did not seem to notice it. When I was quite sure that he was ready for the real thing, I grabbed his hips and started shoving my big black rod into his boicunt. He did not protest so I pushed in all of it. Then he noticed that it could not possibly be a finger any more, he looked over his shoulder.

- Oh, my God! What have you done? I told you that I cannot take that one inside me!

- Yes, but now it is there. Do you want me to take it out?

- No, no, no! Just continue! Please fuck me!

I slowly withdrew, leaving only the glans behind the tight ring and the I shoved it back, all of it, with one hard thrust.


I fucked him violently for several minutes and he was shouting all the time. He was so loud that Cook came back to look what was going on. When I saw him pulling down his pants, I stepped back and he took my place and continued to fuck Hin, me waiting for my turn. We continued fucking in turns until we both were completely exhausted and Hin seemed to be on the brink of passing out. Then Cook left the cabin and I lay down on the bed with my arms around Hin, looking into his beautiful eyes.

- Did you like it?

- Oh yes, you were so right. It was absolutely amazing. Can we do this every day?

I promised that it would happen, and then we both fell asleep, exhausted after this incredible experience.


Most of the time, I really had no idea where we were, the ship made its passage through the Mediterranean, along the European coast and up through the English Channel and then, after some time, we arrived in the Baltic and ended up in a port. It was a very small port, nothing like the enormous Mombasa harbour. It was just a jetty with a pipeline up to some large tanks ashore. Nobody knew the name of the place, but actually, it did not matter very much.

We arrived very early in the morning and while fucking me for the first time of the day, Cook told me that he had ordered some provisions and asked me to bring the things onboard when they arrived. A couple of hours later there were some boxes on the jetty and I started to carry them to the storage room behind the galley. They were many and quite large so I had to make several trips to get them all on board. When there were only two boxes left there was a young guy, a nice-looking blond boy, maybe 20-22 years old, standing by the gangway with some baskets full of bottles.

- Hi, if you help me get these down to my car, I will give you a hand with these boxes.

- Okay, what are these?

- They are samples from the ship tanks. I am cargo surveyor and I have taken samples, two bottles from each tank, and, as your ship has 18 tanks, it means 36 bottles.

- What are you going to do with them?

- Part of them go for analysis in our lab and the rest will be retained for further reference.

- Okay, let’s do it.

We carried his samples down to his car and then we picked up the last boxes and he followed me up the gangway. When we had taken them to the storage room, I noticed that there was some coffee left.

- Thanks for helping with the boxes, would you like to have a cup of coffee?

- I should really take the samples to the lab, but I think there is time for a coffee break.

- Here…

- Thanks, by the way, when we went up the gangway, I could not help noticing that…  I mean…  I saw that under your T-shirt…  you are not wearing…

- Anything. Yes, I don’t. Cook wants it like that. It is then easier for him to access my ass…

- What? Is he raping you?

- No, no. He is fucking me, but it is not rape. I love what he does there behind…

- Oh, I see. Does he do it often? Every day?

- Yes, once first thing in the morning, then 2-3 times during the day, and then he usually comes to my cabin in the evening for a final round.

- So, you get fucked five times every day??

- Actually, my cabin mate Hin usually gets a bonus round in the evening when Cook has left. My butt is so hot and slippery then…  sometimes I fuck him after that…

- You must have an ass of steel then. How can you take it six times every day?

- Well, Cook and Hin are both Asians, and they are not so large down there as I am used to at home in Africa. We usually have larger things. Like this one…

This conversation had made me quite hard, and I could see that something was happening also in the surveyor’s pants. So, I showed him what I got.

- Oh my God! That is really some cock! Do you mind if I take a picture?

- No, be my guest. Do you want to see more of me?

- Yes please! Take off your shirt. You are so incredibly beautiful. I just love the color of your skin.

I stripped and turned around while he took pictures of me from every possible angle. He was especially interested in my butt.

- Would you like to fuck me?

- Yes, I’d love that, but I am not cheating on my boyfriend. I’d like to take you home so we could have some fun, the three of us, but I fear that it is not possible.

- Probably not…

- Now I really must get those samples to the lab. Thanks for everything. Maybe we’ll see each other again. I will be here many times during the discharging of your ship.

- Wait! You cannot go out like this. We have to get that one down first.

I went down on my knees in front of him, and before he could say anything, I had his cock out and down my throat. It did not take long before I felt the taste of sweet Swedish cum, a lot of it, and I swallowed the whole load. I then put the cock back in, and closed the zipper.

- Now you can go. This was not cheating on your boyfriend, as it was my idea.

- Th.. Thank you. You really are amazing…

And then he left. I put my T-shirt back on and when I turned around, Cook was there. His zipper was already open and I knew that it was time for me to bend over. But not this time…

- I saw what you did with that guy. Now, do it to me too.

I started to suck his cock and he lasted a lot longer than the other guy, but finally he also erupted with a gigantic load.

- You are quite a cocksucker, now bend over!

He was still hard and he fucked me violently for at least 15 minutes before he came for the second time within this short time. He really is an incredibly producer of cum…

In the evening my ass felt rather tired, Cook had been extremely horny that day. He had already fucked me six times and I almost hoped that he wouldn’t come for the final round in our cabin. I told Hin that I needed to cool down some places, and asked him to come and get me if Cook really wanted one more round that day. I then went out on deck and there I found the blond boy. He looked very happy to see me.

- Hi, beautiful boy! I am Anders, by the way. What is your name?

- I’m Tommy…

- You said earlier that you live in Africa. Where in Africa is your home?

- I used to live in Kampala, Uganda but I cannot go back there as they would put me in jail. Right now, my home is on this ship, the cabin I share with Hin.

- You have no other home? Why would they put you in jail? What did you do?

- I have not done anything, being gay is a crime in Uganda, and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time so they got me. But I managed to escape during transport to prison.

- So, you cannot go back. But you are sailing on a Malaysian ship. Maybe you could find a new home in Malaysia?

- Hin told me that homosexuality is illegal also in Malaysia. They don’t hunt gay people like they do in Uganda, and he only remembered that some politician had been put in jail for fucking a guy in his staff a few years ago. But no, I don’t think that I would like to move there.

- Then you should jump ship here in Sweden. This is a good country; gay couple can get married here and also adopt children.

- Sounds nice, but how should I do it? And would it not be strange for a black guy among all you blond people?

- We have a lot of people here, of all colors, immigrated from all over the world. That is no problem. And as you at home would be put in prison just for your sexual orientation, I think that you should easily get refugee status here. I will tonight visit my parents; it is my dad's birthday and my uncle will be there also. He is a lawyer and I will ask him what the procedure would be. I will come and tell you what he said tomorrow.

- Would you do that for me? I am very grateful. But there comes Hin. Hi, is Cook there?

- Yes, he came and he has now fucked me two times and he still wants more, but I’ve had enough. You must come now…

- Don’t be such a baby. He has fucked me six times already today, but obviously I have to get one more. I won’t be able to sit for a week…

- Can you not just say no, both of you, when you cannot take anymore?

- Well, Hin is a newbie in assfucking so I understand that he still has some limitations, but I have told Cook that I can take anything so I have to think about my reputation.

- I still cannot understand how any ass can take seven fuckings on the same day…

- Hopefully he does not want to do it more than once, otherwise it will be eight or even nine… But I’d better go now before he comes and fucks me here on deck.

- Okay, see you tomorrow…


When Anders arrived next morning, Cook was just in the middle of his early morning fuck. My ass had miraculously recovered during the night, and I was again enjoying his hard banging.

- Oh, sorry. I come back later.

- No, no. I’m almost there. And Tommy likes to have people watching, so don’t go away. Yes, yes, ahh, ahh, ahh, aaahh. YES!! THERE!!! ……… That was a good one. This boy has the most wonderful ass, the best ass I have ever fucked. It is now ready for the next… Would you like to try?

- No thank you. Not now. Maybe later…

- Yes, Tommy told me about your plans. I surely will miss him and his ass, but it would be great if he could get a chance to stay here. I have heard so many good things about Sweden. Now I’ll go and have a shower.

- My uncle said that you have very good chance of getting refugee status, but he suggested that you would not go to the police station until after the ship has sailed. He knows the officers and they are quite lazy so it is possible that they would put you back on board to avoid the paper work. He also said that, as today is Friday, they would not do anything until Monday so, if you don’t want to spend the weekend in a cell, you’d better stay with me until Monday. Maybe we could have some fun with my boyfriend…

- That sounds great, when do you think you could come and get me?

- The ship will sail sometimes late afternoon or early evening. I could come and pick you up at two o’clock and take you home. I then have to come back for some time until discharging is finished, but maybe you and Sven, my boyfriend, can entertain each other until I get back. I think you owe him a blowjob, and I think he would like some more pictures of your gorgeous body… But now I have to go and check the situation in the cargo control room.


I had been thinking during the night about how to leave, and I did not like the idea about just running away like Ali had done, so I had made up a story which could also give me some funds for my stay in Sweden.

I went to the ship’s office and there I found the third mate playing video games on the computer.

- Hi, Ali. What can I do for you?

- I am really sorry, sir, but I have to leave the ship and go home. I just called my father and he told me that my mother is very ill and that he will buy me a plane ticket home when I get to an airport. I talked with the surveyor, and he promised to drive me to the train station so I can get to Stockholm. Do you think I could get my salary to pay for the train ticket?

- I am sorry to hear about your mother. Just a second, I’ll check…  Yes, I can pay you what we owe you, but we don’t have any Swedish currency, just Malaysian Ringgits and US dollars, so you have to go to a bank and exchange them first. Sign here, please.

I took the pen and looked at the receipt and then it struck me that I did not know Ali’s last name. I then wrote a capital A followed by something illegible and hoped that he would not find it strange, but he did not even look at it, he just gave me the money and wished me luck.

I went to my cabin and packed my few things. I also took everything Ali had left; in case someone would wonder why Ali did leave all the things behind. Then, I put on the clothes I was wearing when I arrived. I had not been wearing jeans since then and I thought that I now had to get accustomed to not having my cock hanging free…

At two o’clock Anders came to get me, and before entering his car I looked back on the good ship that had taken me away from Africa to this promising land. He then drove me to a bank where I exchanged the money to local currency. Then we went to his place which turned out to be a very large expensive looking house.

- Wow, that is some house. How may families live here?

- Just me and my boyfriend.

- How can you have a house like this?

- Actually, the house belongs to my grandparents. They are quite old and they found the house too large for them, so they recently moved to a nursing home. They intend to sell it, but until then Sven and I live here. There he comes now.

Sven was a good-looking boy, somewhat younger than Anders, maybe 17-18. He was also blond and tall and seemed to have a really nice body, although it was hard to tell as he was wearing a bathrobe.

- Hi, welcome to Sweden. Anders told me about you and he showed me the pictures. You really are gorgeous and I cannot wait so make acquaintance with that thing I can see is stiffening in your jeans right now.

- Well, I have to go back to the ship now. You two, be nice to each other, and please, no assfucking until I get back.

- We will try, but please come back soon. Otherwise…

- Yes, yes, I’ll be back as soon as possible.

- Okay. Tommy, come inside. We have to get you out of those clothes…

Immediately after entering the house, Sven opened my jeans and drew them and my undies down to my ankles. He then grabbed my semi hard cock which made it grow to full length.

- Oh my God, what a wonderful cock! It is really big! Let’s see if I can take in all of it!

He opened his mouth and amazingly succeeded in deep throating the whole thing. This was a new experience, no guy had ever been able to take it that deep before and when I shot my load, it went straight down his throat.

- I have never tasted African cum before. I like it! Now, let’s go outside.

He took off his bathrobe and he really had a wonderful body. His cock was long and thick with a steel ring around the package. He took my hand and led me through the back door. Behind the house was a nice garden with a small pool and a couple of large sunbeds. He lay down on one of them and I climbed on top of him and started to suck his now rock-hard cock and mine had again disappeared in his amazing mouth. Neither of us wanted to stop and when we finally did, both of us had shot several loads down each other’s throat.

- Oh, why did Anders have to go away? I’d really want to fuck your lovely black ass right here, right now! And after that feel you inside me! But we have to wait, we’ll have plenty of time during the weekend. By the way, did Anders tell you about tomorrow?

- Tomorrow? No, what is happening tomorrow?

- The Pride parade, do you have it in your country?

- What is that? I have never heard about it.

- It is march by gay people and others, supporting acceptance of alternative gender thinking. It is a pity that we cannot go to Stockholm, there it is a huge event, but here in our small town we also make the best we can...

- Well that could not be in Uganda. There homosexuality is a crime. I'm getting more and more impressed about your country. When do you think Anders will be here?

- Probably not for another couple of hours, lets go for a swim...

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